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1The role of Russian and Tatar intelligentsia in the cultural life of Kazakh society10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-18-24
  • Janguzhiyev M. S.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
2Reasons for mass revolts against the forceful collectivization of farms in the East Kazakhstan region10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-25-34
  • Zhylgeldy Z. S.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
3Union of naymans and merkits in the 13th century10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-35-49
  • Kairken T.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
4The Bronze Age of Kazakhstan in the context of Asian cultural relations10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-50-63
  • Pedracki M.
  • Bukesheva G.
  • Khabdulina .
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
5The financial situation of creative unions of Kazakhstan in the post-war years10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-64-74
  • T.Y. Satbai T. T.
  • K.M. Ilyassova K.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
6Reflection of historical events in the toponymy of the West Kazakhstan region (based on the materials of the Baiterek, Burly, Terekty districts)10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-75-83
  • Umitkaliev U. U.
  • Zhanissov A. T.
  • Koshman T. V.
  • Kurmangozhina T. M.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
7Religious policy of the Soviet authorities during the Second World War10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-84-93
  • K.M. Ilyassova K.
  • Zholdassuly T.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
8The Development of gender studies in the World and in Azerbaijan10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-94-106
  • Adygezalova S.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
9Commemoration of Mustafa Shokai’s personality: monuments, cinema10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-107-118
  • Kudaibergenova A. A.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
10Ethnographic review of the Beket Ata cult in modern Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-7255-2020-130-1-8-17
  • Bigozhin U. Z.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1