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1Wroclaw and Ust-Kamenogorsk at the turn of XX-XXI centuries: historical memory and urban space10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-10-25
  • Waskel T.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
2The spread of the national idea of Alash among the Kazakhs of East Turkestan10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-26-34
  • Abidenkyzy A.
  • Massimkhanuly D.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
3Education in Kazakhstan in the 1920s10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-35-47
  • Mukhatova O. K.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
4The Korean diaspora in the USSR in the 1930s10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-48-62
  • Potapova N. A.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
5Recreational activities for children of the Karaganda region during the winter and summer holidays during the great Patriotic war10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-63-78
  • Abdukarimova Z. K.
  • Saktaganova Z. G.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
6Stalinist repressions in the periodical press (Based on the materials of the periodical press of the 20-30s of the XX century)10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-79-90
  • Smagulova S. O.
  • Izbasarova G. B.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
7The concept of labor in the history of social thought10.32523/2616-7255-2020-135-2-91-99
  • Adaeva G. A.
  • Aubakirov E. N.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
8Dialectics, Academician and Time: on the question of dialectics, culture, the status of universities and in connection with the 25th anniversary of the L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University Dedicated to J. M. Abdildin10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-100-110
  • Guseva N. V.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
9Museums in the cultural and educational space of the Eurasian National University10.32523/2616-7255-2021-135-2-111-122
  • Yermagambetova K. S.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2
10The role of moral education in personal development 10.32523/2616-7255-2020-135-2-123-133
  • Mukhamedzhanova L. A.
VOLUME 135, 2021 NUMBER 2