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1Atalyks and the Institute of Atalykship in the Kazakh Khanate10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-10-24
  • Atygayev N. A.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
2Continuity and Preservation of Traditional Political and Legal Institutions of the Turkic-Mongolian World in Modern ConditionsDOI:
  • Zelenin Y.
  • Vasiliev A.
  • Pechatnova Y. V.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
3Historical geography of Altai in the epoch of Turkic Kaganate (VI-XIII centuries)10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-40-61
  • Kairken T.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
4Law and judgment of the Ulus Dzhuchi (Golden Horde) in the notes of Catholic missionaries of the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-62-73
  • Pochekaev R. Y.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
5Indicators of modernization of education in the Central Asian region of the Russian Empire in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-74-89
  • Rygalova M. V.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
6Study, Preservation and Museumification of the Berel Necropolis Monuments at the Present Stage10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-90-104
  • Samratova D. B.
  • Sarbasov A. T.
  • Yelemesova Z. Q.
  • Segizbaeva Z. M.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
7Ancient Turkish reading of the Brahmi text Kuis-Tolgoi (HT1) 10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-105-132
  • Sartkoja K.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
8Extracts on the history of the Golden Horde from the Shajar-yi turk va mugūl10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-133-146
  • Tulibayeva Z.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
9Janasozdik: codifying an inclusive Kazakh slangDOI:
  • Eisenberg L.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3
10Otman Baba as the Organic Intellectual of the Turkmen-Yoruks10.32523/2616-7255-2021-136-3-161-175
  • Sinan U.
VOLUME 136, 2021 NUMBER 3