Archiving and depositing

The journal's publishing system has set up electronic backup and preservation of access to the contents of its journals through the LOCKSS system network. In accordance with article 16 "Mandatory copies of periodicals and storage of materials of television and radio programs" of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Mass Media" dated July 23, 1999 No. 451-I: Mandatory copies of the journal are sent by the owner of the media to National libraries, The National State Book Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Electronic versions are presented in:  JSC NCGNTE Foundation for the Electronic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan;  scientific electronic library;  Cyberlanguage of the Open Access Scientific Electronic Library (Open Access); Printed versions of the journal are sent to libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The journal's policy allows authors to store their publications in institutional or other repositories of their choice.