Goals and objectives

The mission of the journal:
Presentation and dissemination of the results of the latest research in the field of history, philosophy and religious studies, promotion of a broad exchange of views and providing a platform for topical discussions in the field of social and humanitarian studies, presentation of Kazakh humanities at the international level. Involvement of international authors for further integration of Kazakh humanities. The journal contributes to the creation of an informational socio-humanitarian space aimed at identifying the most pressing problems and requests of the scientific community. The journal publishes articles on topical interdisciplinary issues in the field of history, archaeology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, cultural studies, sociology, religious studies
Purpose of the journal:
It is the publication of the most relevant socio-humanitarian research, by highlighting and discussing the results of fundamental and applied research, as well as accumulating experience in using the results of relevant scientific activities. The editorial policy of the journal is aimed at actively using and popularizing the research experience of Kazakhstani and foreign scientists, familiarizing specialists and all interested readers with it, increasing the publication activity of young scientists.
Journal tasks:
• serve as a platform for methodological concepts of social and humanitarian research;
• serve as an information platform for the dissemination and popularization of scientific results;
• serve as a discussion platform for discussing scientific ideas and discoveries of authors;
• serve as an electronic platform for the scientific collection of publications with open access to journal articles.