Review procedure and publication of articles

1. Submission of the article manuscript is carried out through the website of the journal. To publish an article in the journal, the author(s) should register on its website and submit materials (an article and cover letter) according to the instructions posted on the journal's website. If a manuscript is submitted through the Open Journal Systems (OJS), authors will have access to all versions of their manuscript (at the time of submission, during the review process, and in open publication). OJS allows you to trace the article's cycle from submission to publication.

2. The author(s) manuscripts are subjected to text originality examination through the system "Antiplagiarism VUZ", which is used by the publisher to check for anti-plagiarism in educational, scientific, publication activities of the university. The minimum threshold for manuscript originality must be 70%. The editorial board rejects manuscripts whose indexes are lower than the specified minimum threshold, in which the system detects plagiarism of other people's works, appropriation of other people's texts, borrowing without making references. In this case the editorial board has the right to reject the manuscript without further consideration.

3. Editors review the manuscript for compliance with structural and technical requirements. 

4. Within 4-5 weeks, the editorial board shall inform the author (s) of the results of the review, the need for further work and the publication plan of the article. Decision on publication of the manuscript is taken with consideration of all requirements for the manuscript; positive conclusions of reviewers, members of editorial board and editor-in-chief. After the decision is made, the results are reported to the author(s) on the acceptance/rejection of the manuscript for publication.

5. The date of materials reception in the publication is the date of acceptance by the editor of the final version of the article for publication