Socio-economic situation in Kazakhstan in the 1990s - early 2000s (using the example of regions of northern Kazakhstan)

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northern Kazakhstan; economic crisis; agriculture; unemployment; women


In the history of independent Kazakhstan, the first decade was a difficult period. The country carried out economic reforms aimed at creating a new development model. The transition period was accompanied by large-scale crisis. In the northern region of Kazakhstan, gnation in economic development was reflected in a decrease in agricultural and industrial production. The reforms carried out had negative consequences for the social life. Unemployment and fall of living standards have become the main indicators of the socio-economic situation. The government’s attempts to re-establish economy did not show positive results. To provide social support of the population various measures were taken. The population was actively involved in new areas of labor activity. The emergence of women entrepreneurship was a new phenomenon of that time. The entire period of the socio-economic situation in northern Kazakhstan was difficult. The socio-economic history of northern Kazakhstan is an integral part of the history of modern Kazakhstan. Works on local context are rare and the proposed work is one of the first studies in this direction. Information about that important period in the life of the country can be obtained from collections of statistical data, census materials and reports on the socio-economic development of the country. These archival materials are being introduced into scientific circulation for the first time.


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