Digitalization as a new vector for the development of Kazakhstan

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digitalization; Informational Kazakhstan – 2020; Digital Kazakhstan; society; digital society; rating; state program; digital economy.


The definition of a new vector of socio-economic development of Kazakhstan, actualized a number of problems related to the search for new models of their own self-organization. At the same time, special interest began to be shown in the digitalization of society. For the most part, digitalization takes place without its proper preliminary scientific and theoretical justification and the development of methodological and applied knowledge. Understanding the process of digitalization of society is also taking place within the framework of philosophical discourse, which seeks to integrate approaches that have developed in various fields of scientific knowledge. Today, the development of a digital society is one of the main problems studied by modern philosophers. President K. Tokayev, in his Message to the people Kazakhstan in 2021, emphasized that the basic element of all reforms and the key tool for achieving national competitiveness is digitalization. The elimination of the digital divide marks a new stage in the development of social Kazakhstan on the principles of justice. Digitalization is primarily a socio-political and socio-humanitarian problem. Therefore, new strategic tasks have been set before the scientific community, to determine what can give the country entry into the path of its «digitalization». Thus, Kazakhstan needs a kind of digitalization model, where, along with the spread of digital technologies, the demand for social justice will grow. This indicates that in modern scientific knowledge there is an interest in various aspects of the digital society, its advantages and consequences for people's life. At the same time, the problem of digitalization of society provides a basis for its further research and building social justice. This article analyzes government programs and world rankings in the field of digitalization.


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