The problem of the connection between falsafa and religion in al-Farabi teachings

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Falsafa; being; substance; religion; God; Prophet; peace; reason; ayan; power imagination.


This article discusses the relationship between religion and falsafa in the worldview of Abu Nasr al-Farabi, a prominent representative of the Arab-Muslim culture of the Middle Ages, the founder of Falsafa.The fundamental searches of the thinker were also outlined, which led to the approximation of Islam to nature based on the Muslim worldview, to the works of the philosophers of antiquity Plato, Aristotle about the creation of the world. The question of the thinker's vision and opinion in relation to religion still remains an unfinished topic. During the writing of the article, evidence was presented describing the unity of Al-Farabi with religion and Falsafa. Farabi himself, being a representative of Falsafa, gave a rationalistic assessment of religion. He identified religion with philosophical categories, not with religious traits. Among his treatises and scientific books by Al-Farabi, the problem of combining falsafa and religion is one of the most ambitious and diverse.Farabi also defines religion and falsafa, starting from their origin. Religion is, according to the thinker who arose after falsafa in time. In addition to understanding the necessity of religion, Al-Farabi argued that existence is possible without it. That is, he meant that even through philosophy, a person can achieve truth and wealth. This article examines in detail the nature and essence of Farabi's theological teaching.Also the subject of the research of the article was the problem of the thinker of prophecy, the origin of the world, the theory of creation, God (Allah). The article systematically analyzed the works of foreign and domestic scientists-researchers of the teachings of Farabi.


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