Repressed residents of Irgiz

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political repressions; Alashorda figures; activist; secret; top secret; political campaign.
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The article analyzes the political activity and fate of the Alashorda figures and the figures of the Soviet government from the Irgiz region, who were subjected to Stalinist repressions in the 30s of the twentieth century. Alashorda figures from the Irgiz region entered the struggle for the interests of the nation, advocated the unification of the Kazakhs into a single state. Stalin's repressions did not spare even those who honestly served in the leading structures of the Soviet government. They were falsely accused, convicted, imprisoned and even sentenced to the heaviest sentence - execution. The instruction of President K. Tokayev on a thorough study of the issues of famine and repression made it possible to carefully study and analyze the cases of many Alashorda figures who were closed under the heading “secret”, “top secret”. During the preparation of the article, the reasons and course of the charges brought against such Alashorda figures, as Abdirazak Bashbaev, Kainazar Bekmurzin, Kuanysh Zhubanov and others, were convicted under article 58, paragraphs 2, 8, 9, 10, 11 of the criminal case of the RSFSR, as well as Zhashik Erubaev, Zholbosyn Akshulakov, who worked in the leading structures of the Soviet government. The article is compiled from archival documents that were once closed under the heading "secret".


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