Tashkent vilayet and Desht-i Kipchak in the memoirs of Abu Ubaydallah Muhammad

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Абу Убайдаллах Мухаммад; Хуласат ал-ахвал; мемуары; Ташкентский вилайет; Дешт-и Кипчак; кокандские чиновники.


This article examines the Khoqand historical and memoir work Khulasat al-ahwal (Summary of circumstances [of life]) by Abu Ubaydallah Muhammad and his information on the local history of the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan and the regions of South Kazakhstan, which were part of the Khoqand Khanate in the 19th century. In Khulasat al-ahwal, compiled in Persian, the author outlines the main stages of his life and many years of service in the administration of the ruler of the Tashkent vilayet, where he held various positions – from a clerk and secretary to a tax collector and head of tax collection. The purpose of this study is to introduce into academic discourse new material on the socio-economic situation and the administrative system of governance in the Tashkent vilayet and Desht-i Kipchak contained in Khulasat al-ahwal, as well as provide source information on the historical geography of this region. The revealed factual material from Khulasat al-ahwal showed that the autobiographical records of Abu Ubaydallah Muhammad contain original data on the activities of Khoqand senior officials, the difficult internal political situation in the Tashkent vilayet in the period from 1826 to 1865. The memoirs of Abu Ubaydallah Muhammad reflected subjective assessments of the events taking place in the Tashkent vilayet and Desht-i Kipchak. However, the author conveys to us the moods of certain sections of the population of the vilayet, who had a negative attitude towards the domestic policy pursued by the Khoqand officials. Khulasat al-ahwal has yet to be studied in detail since much of the factual information of this original historical source has not yet been studied enough and is not available to a wide readership


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