Typology of healers in the daily culture of kazakhs and their practice of treatment: cultural and anthropological analysis

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everyday culture; Kazakh folk healing; healer; healer; bucks; national heritage; spiritual values.
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In modern society, there are various discourses about folk healing. According to modern science, especially from the point of view of academic medicine, folk medicine (healing) is a practice that does not correspond to the modern treatment protocol. Folk healing affects only the emotional state of the patient, that is, self-deception. Although, modern academic oriental medicine teaches some traditional medicine practices. From the point of view of Islam, a person who does not have a medical education does not have the right to engage in treatment, especially traditional healing is prohibited. From the point of view of ethnography and anthropology, folk healing is one of the elements of national culture, cultural heritage, way of life, spiritual value of the ethnic group. In the article we tried to analyze the experience of folk healing in the everyday culture of modern Kazakhstan. First, a retrospective analysis of the history of the formation of Kazakh folk healing was made, because there is no data on the formation of Kazakh healing. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study is based on the study of ethnographic, methodological sources and on the basis of the works of the healers themselves. From the point of view of ethnography and anthropology, folk healing is one of the elements of national culture, cultural heritage, lifestyle, spiritual value of the ethnos. We associate the study of Kazakh folk healing with the state programs «Cultural heritage», «Spiritual modernization», «Sacred geography of Kazakhstan». Since we consider folk healing as a cultural heritage, spiritual values, cultural code, as a tool for the formation and preservation of cultural identity. The article made a typology of folk healing. We have divided folk healers into three groups: spiritual, bodily and magical. The practice of spiritual healers is associated with ancient beliefs and religions, bodily healers are associated in daily practice, tradition and lifestyle, and magical healers are associated with magic and supernatural power. On the basis of external observation, the practice of healers was described. In modern everyday culture, most types of healers practice and are in demand among the population. The activity of healers is controlled by the Republican Public Association «Association of Folk Healers of Kazakhstan». Kazakh folk healing is full of secrets. Therefore, our study is relevant. The study of this topic will make a huge contribution to science.


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