The history of the oil industry in the Fergana Valley during the period of the Kokand Khanate and the colonial era of the Russian Empire

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добыча нефти примитивными методами; переработка нефти; бурение нефтяных скважин; динамика добычи нефти.
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The article examines the history of oil production by primitive methods and by drilling oil wells in the Fergana Valley during the period of the Kokand Khanate and the era of colonialism of the Russian Empire, the development of the oil refining industry in conjunction with all sectors of the national economy. The article is devoted to the history of the development of the oil industry in the Ferghana Valley, the processes of oil production by drilling on the basis of archival documents from the funds of the National State Archives of Uzbekistan, scientific research by foreign and domestic researchers. The formation of the oil industry in the Fergana Valley was carried out in the middle of the 19th century under the Kokand Khanate. By the beginning of the 20th century, oil drilling began. As a result of the introduction of foreign capital into the oil industry, the introduction of new methods, technologies and means of oil production, the use of advanced experience in this industry, this industry has succeeded, reaching a high industrial scale. But during the First World War, the rate of oil production in the Ferghana Valley declined, as in the entire territory of the empire. This was due to the closure of foreign trade routes due to the war, the reduction in the amount of capital invested in this sector, the involvement of skilled oil workers in the war, and the result of the nationalization process after the coup d'état. In the study of the process of formation and formation of the oil industry in the region, comparative, historical and factor analysis was used for a detailed approach to the topic. The conclusions and proposals in the article are developed using current research papers, unique archival materials, and also include the relevant chronology, statistics, periodization and conclusions on the topic.


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