The role of women in Kazakh and Turkish death rituals

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death rituals; religious rituals; Kazakh people; Turkish people; mourning; woman’s role; rituals; superstitions


This article embarks on a comparative journey into the distinctive death rites and rituals
observed within the Kazakh and Turkish cultural landscapes. By illuminating the remarkable parallels and
divergences that characterize these two societies, it provides a unique insight into the profound ways in
which death is understood, celebrated, and mourned.
The article investigates cultural, historical, and religious influences that have shaped the death rituals
of both Kazakh and Turkish communities. It delves into the symbolic elements, funeral ceremonies, burial
practices, and commemorative traditions that define these cultures’ approaches to death and the afterlife.
Furthermore, this study examines the evolution of death rites in these societies, exploring how factors
such as modernization, globalization, and shifting religious beliefs have influenced these age-old practices.
It also considers the roles of gender, family structures, and community involvement in these rituals.
By comparing these two cultures, the article aims to shed light on the unique ways in which the Kazakh
and Turkish communities have preserved their cultural identities while adapting to the challenges of the
contemporary world. The interplay between tradition and innovation within these death rites underscores
the resilience and adaptability of these rich cultural heritages.
Ultimately, this article not only offers a cross-cultural understanding of death rites and rituals but
also provides a glimpse into the enduring significance of these practices in maintaining the social fabric
and spiritual well-being of Kazakh and Turkish communities. It highlights the importance of cultural
preservation in a globalized world and the enduring connection between people and their traditions, even
in the face of changing times


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