The «space» landscape of Ulytau

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space; landscape; places of memory; space landscape; Baikonur; Ulytau


pe research is a highly relevant topic for interdisciplinary sciences such
as astrosociology, space anthropology as well as science and technology studies (STS).
In recent years, space research in Kazakhstan has increased beyond the study of the Baikonur
Cosmodrome alone and its influence on the formation of space landscapes in neighbouring regions.
One example of this research expansion is the Ulytau region, where space infrastructure sites and
«space» memory places can be found, the union of which can be considered as a separate case study
of the Ulytau space landscape.
The purpose of this article is to provide a primary overview of the space landscape of the Ulytau
region, based on the materials of field studies of the cities of Zhezkazgan, Satpayev, Zhezdy, the
villages of Karsakbai, Baikonur, Shalginsky, Ulytau in the period from 2020-2023. The main part of
the study will be presented in the form of a register – a list of places of memory
related to the theme of space. This register will include places of memory associated
with the first Baikonur cosmodrome, monuments of historical and cultural heritage located
near the space infrastructure and places associated with meetings of cosmonauts.
The register will be complemented by descriptive analyses based on archival and museum materials,
as well as oral histories collected during expeditions. Using a methodology based on Pierre Nore’s
concept, the study will examine the visibility and invisibility of places of memory, and analyse
how the theme of


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