Audience of traditional art in Kazakh steppe

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Audience, traditional arts, national culture, aitys, social phenomenon, kuy, theater. сulture, performance, Kazakh steppe.


This article considers the evolution of the stage art audience formation in the traditional society of the Kazakh steppe civilization, linking it to the ancient historical, cultural, and ritual processes of our people, as well as to the very origin of the earliest form of stage art. We regard the future improvement of the artistic culture of today's spectator on the assumption that cultural and spiritual continuity between different generations of spectators of the Kazakh steppe will not be broken. Consequently, it becomes obvious that this position is a trend characteristic of the world history of art.

For example, folk art activities in other countries are based on the traditional entertainment of the gathered audience. In general, the origin of art is closely intertwined with folk art. They are inextricably related and cannot develop without each other. This phenomenon is confirmed by numerous facts from the history of world theater. There is every reason to come to a scientific conclusion that this position is applicable to the formation of artistic public. We can say that various kinds of entertaining folk games and festive performances, originating in real scenes of nomadic life of the Kazakh people, developed on the basis of national customs and were the initial stage of formation of spectators and listeners of arts and crafts of the traditional Kazakh civilization. Examining the rich cultural history of the steppe, we believe that the study of the audience of the performing arts in the traditional Kazakh society is of great scientific theoretical and practical importance.

This issue is still in the category of topics not considered in the framework of scientific research of the national culture philosophy. It is known from history that centuries-old cultural heritage of the steppe region and Kazakh people has a diverse and rich content, along with its own unique style. It is culture that plays a huge role in the vitality of any nation. If we consider the identification of a nation through the prism of its contribution to the development of mankind, then national art is just that distinctive feature that helps defining the nation. Thus, the spiritual contribution of the Kazakh people to world culture is determined, first of all, by its national art.


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