Soviet period and Kemel Tokaev (according to notes from a personal diary and memoirs of contemporaries)

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Kemel Tokaev; writer; famine; war; Kazakh SSR; detective genre; story; personality; contemporaries; literature.


The article discusses publications related to the name of Kemel Tokayev in the period 2000-2021. The author has made a thorough selection of publications for the given period of time according to the purpose of the article. The main goal of scientific research is to confirm important periods in the life of the writer with archival documents, from the memoirs of contemporaries and close relatives. In this regard, documents from the National Archives, the personal fund of Kemel Tokayev of the Central State Archives, the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan were considered by author. The relevance of the topic of the article lies in the significance of the role in history and assessment of the heritage of the individual, the little-studied biography of the writer, who stood at the origins of the detective genre in Kazakh literature. The author focuses on the historical events and processes experienced by Kemel Tokayev, such as the Hunger of 1931-1933, the Great Patriotic War, the post-war cultural upsurge in the Kazakh SSR. Recently, the issue of the hunger has been discussed at the state level, which gives opportunities for studying this period in the life of the writer. In connection with the declassified archival documents, a field is opened for researching the course of hostilities, in which the front-line writer took a direct part. In this article, the author sets tasks based on the previously listed events in the Soviet period and makes an attempt to complete the tasks using the available documents. The main problem, which is considered by the author, is the insufficiently studied personality of Kemel Tokayev, from the point of view of the historical science of Kazakhstan.


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Shakiyev М. Н. . (2022). Soviet period and Kemel Tokaev (according to notes from a personal diary and memoirs of contemporaries). Bulletin of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Historical Sciences. Philosophy. Religious Studies Series., 141(4), 121–133.



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