The legacy of Asan Kaigy in Kazakh political thought

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Asan Kaigy; land; zaman (time); Kazakh philosophy; political view; Kazakh thought; spiritual heritage; historical consciousness; political thought; political institution


Since our country gained independence, the study of national philosophy has
deepened. In the world scientific community, Kazakh philosophy is not inferior to other
countries. Every year, based on the national worldview, research is conducted aimed at revealing
the peculiarities of the mentality in our religion and its authenticity. While initially, a certain
period was studied as a whole, at a later time, the object of philosophical research became the
spiritual heritage, the political position, and the works of only one thinker. In the study we
examined, we proceeded from the contemplations and political reflections of Asan Kaigy, the
ancestor of «Zaman».
The purpose of our scholarly paper is to reveal the inner meaning of studying the concept of
«Kili Zaman» and the political thoughts of Asan Kaigy. In the research work that was put
before us, we decided to approach it from different points of view in order to differentiate the
problem of the agenda of that time and to comprehend in more detail theoretically the content
of this understanding.
The article pays special attention to the evolution of the development of political thought and
the future of the country in the songs of Zhanibek and Kerey Sultan, the founder of the Kazakh
Khanate, priest, and thinker Asan Kaigy. An attempt is made to compare the concept of time
not only in the Kazakh sense but also in the works of famous scientists and philosophers of
foreign countries. In the context of historical consciousness, it is noted that for that period, the
thoughts and songs of Asan Kaigy were satisfied by the population and influenced the Kazakh
Khanate to become a full-fledged independent state. The content of the article reflects that
political thought, which originated in Turkic times, was continuous and has reached our days


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Abdurazakova, G. A. ., Kemerbay, R. A. ., Bozhbanbaev, B. M. ., & Pussyrmanov, N. S. . (2023). The legacy of Asan Kaigy in Kazakh political thought. Bulletin of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Historical Sciences. Philosophy. Religious Studies Series., 145(4), 178–192.