Some problems of translating philosophical texts

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  • Asset A. Kuranbek Al-Farabi Kazakh National University



translation; fiction translation; scientific literature; text; philosophical text; language; understanding; hermeneutics; Tower of Babel; destruction; deconstruction; intertextuality; hypertext.


Despite the fact that there are many different nations and languages, it is possible to speak
about the uniformity of human beginnings in the world since the beginning of time. Not just similar to
each other, but common both in external form and content are the configurations of human cognition,
understanding of the world and their place in it, their relationships with each other, universal values.
Nevertheless, the people living in each continent or climatic zone have their own unique customs and
traditions, ways of thinking and language, depending on their way of life, economy, religious beliefs,
economy and culture. Translation work is the most unique form of creative activity of the human mind,
aimed at gathering and uniting this seemingly unrelated diversity, establishing contact and the possibility
of communication between cultures. Based on the established system of views and concepts in literary
studies and linguistics, cultural studies and philosophy, the article presents a detailed analysis of the level
of study of translation as an urgent problem of science, art and philosophy, as well as provides an overview
of the history, theory and practice of translation, its place in world culture. The experience of translating
scientific literature and philosophical texts from world languages into Russian and Kazakh languages is
analyzed, its connection with actual problems of modern society is studied, including the influence of
translation on the implementation of synthesis and intercultural dialogue, on the development of science
and philosophy. The paper evaluates the originality of the philosophical approach to the phenomenon of


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