Study of the history of the Jochi Ulus in the period of independent Kazakhstan

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  • Aisaule S. Shakiyeva L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University



Jochi Ulus; history; domestic historiography; Independent Kazakhstan; Kazakh Khanate; multi-volume.


The article presents a historiographical review of works related to the history of the Jochi Ulus, one of the most pressing issues in the history of independent Kazakhstan. In particular, as the main problem, attention is paid to conceptual changes and new views in the works of domestic researchers on the topic after the collapse of the Soviet state. Analyzing scientific works, the author divides the national historiography of the period of independence into two stages, reflecting the dynamics of changing opinions and the evolution of the emergence of new data and thoughts. This topic was discussed in academic circles, and then subjected to a comprehensive examination, up to an increase in state degrees. It is noteworthy that historians connect the current moments in the history of the Jochi Ulus with the Kazakh Khanate that developed in the following centuries. The main sources of the article are publications and articles published during this period. The author is looking for a unique paradigm in the study of the history of the Jochi Ulus in the works of domestic researchers over the past thirty years and seeks to determine the course and degree of studying the modern topic. The paper presents a selection of new theoretical ideas concerning the history of the Jochi Ulus, using the analysis of the works of domestic researchers. In particular, it will reflect the moments of the history of the modern Middle Ages that require significant changes in the form of research, including the formation of a new concept of "Ulus Jochi". The author concludes that the new concept " Kazakhstan is the heir of the Golden Horde (Ulus of Jochi)" was supported by Kazakh scientists and gave a powerful impetus to the promotion of the continuity of states to a certain extent.


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